Brain Sinew

14 Mar 2020

You’ve built your business. Now let’s tell that story. Whether it be building a brand identity, rebranding, or creating a brand voice—I connect your story, your truth, to your brand. You’ve established the structure and vision for your business; the framework of who you are and the strength to propel you forward. Together, we design the sinews that attach your framework, your strength, and your story to a design and brand that defines who you are.

The Process


I start with you. The fundamentals. The data. I get to know you, your story, the message you want to send, so that I can connect that story to your customer. 


Together, we create a voice and a design that represents who you are. From a list of keywords that illustrate the values of your business, I generate design themes that represent the brand’s voice.


Once you’ve chosen a theme, I apply it to all brand touch-points to expand impact. This may start with a logo, then extend to a website, business cards, signage, social media—a brand ecosystem. It’s your story. The way you want to tell it.

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