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As a graphic designer and owner of Brain Sinew, stepping into the role of Board Chair at the Robert D. Love Downtown YMCA in Wichita, Kansas is an immense honor for me. The YMCA brand isn’t just significant nationwide; it holds a special place in my heart. I take immense pride in being associated with it.

Over decades, the YMCA has made a profound impact in communities, offering young individuals a nurturing space to cultivate positive and healthy habits that shape their lives. For countless individuals, including myself, the YMCA symbolizes more than an organization; it represents a life-enriching force. Brands like this hold monumental significance, carrying deep emotional connections and trust, earned through decades of consistent and intentional service. The Y symbol and brand have become an integral part of countless households.

The YMCA is more than a gym; it’s a place for those seeking the best version of themselves.

– Brian Wiens

Since childhood, the YMCA has been a cornerstone of my life, starting from my days in youth sports. It wasn’t until after college that I found my way back, seeking familiar surroundings. Rediscovering the YMCA wasn’t just about nostalgia; it became a sanctuary that steered me away from potential pitfalls as a young adult. Embracing a regimen of weightlifting wasn’t merely about physical fitness; it became a roadmap to discipline and lifelong wellness.

Over time, a friendship bloomed with the director at the downtown Y and it struck me that this beloved place was steered not just by bricks and mortar but by a team of dedicated individuals. Their commitment inspired me to offer assistance and I joined the board. The very place that had shaped my life and perpetuated my healthy habits deserved support. It’s been a constant positive force, influencing my life to this day.

Brian, top right, with his youth basketball team.

Driven by my connection, I’m motivated to contribute and ensure this facility thrives. Have you ever stepped into a YMCA while traveling? Wichita has undeniably the best facilities in the country. My goal is to help preserve this uniqueness. I envision every young person, like me, discovering this haven while navigating life’s twists and turns. The YMCA is more than a gym; it’s a place for those seeking the best version of themselves. Personally, I owe much of who I am today to this institution.