Brain Sinew

06 Mar 2020

I stood behind a podium in front of a few hundred Bunting Magnetics Co. family members and employees this past weekend. I was to tell family and employees of this 60 year old company about their new brand and more specifically their new identity.

As I looked out in the crowd, I began to think about my emotions with a mix of excitement and nervousness. I’m not the most eloquent in front of large crowds, so I often have to psych myself up to build courage. Before I knew it, I was hearing applause after my talk.

Later on that night, I started to reflect on that moment as I replayed the video of myself talking to the crowd on my phone. And I started thinking about courage. What I often don’t think about is the courage it takes for a company to initiate a big change. The history of a company name, the logo, the sales materials, and so on that have been the way they are since day one. Making a change would mean breaking from that heritage and removing old ways. Although it may be uncomfortable, often change is needed in order to stay relevant with your audience and to grow.

Yes, this new brand pays much homage to the past, but I still have tremendous respect for the Bunting family and marketing team for realizing this need for change and having the courage to adopt a fresh new brand.

Here were our goals moving forward with the new brand:

Maturing the name

The Bunting name is the most important element of the brand. Data told us it was time to drop the “Magnetics Co” from the name. Let us place our focus here while allowing to move beyond simply magnetics.

Simplifying the logo

The old logo served the Bunting team well. But it was time to simplify in order to better reflect the essence of magnetics. The new logo pays homage to the old by removing the superfluous details. The white sphere in the center is now representative of the globe, while the angle created by the swooshes is reflective of the true north alignment. All found in the previous logo, but now with an updated appearance. Additionally, the swooshes wrapping around the earth represent the magnetic field and are symbolic of the Bunting team, a force of innovation.

Updating the brand

Since the beginning Bunting has focused on making magnetic products. Moving forward, they’ll focus on making solutions for specific industries instead. This helps them expand beyond their current product offerings and industries. The brand visual elements and voice will focus on solutions providers rather than the product itself.

Ultimately our goal with this new brand identity was to continue to build upon the already established equity of the Bunting brand, while helping set the stage for the future. And while it’s a very exciting time for Bunting, I will give them big applause for trusting and enduring this new challenge. I too, will continue to grow into a more eloquent speaker in front of future company employees. But, next time I will also applaud them for their courage.

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