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I found myself behind a podium facing several hundred Bunting Magnetics Co. family members and employees. My task was to introduce the new brand and, more specifically, the fresh identity of this 60-year-old company.

As I gazed out at the crowd, a surge of excitement mingled with nervous anticipation. Yet, before I knew it, applause echoed after my address.

Later that night, watching the video of my speech on my phone, I began contemplating courage.

Often overlooked is the courage required for a company to initiate substantial change. The entrenched history in a company’s name, logo, sales materials, and more has persisted since day one. Altering this means breaking away from heritage and discarding old practices. Despite discomfort, change becomes imperative for staying relevant with your audience and fostering growth.

While the new brand pays homage to the past, my profound respect extends to the Bunting family and the marketing team for recognizing this necessity for change and courageously embracing a fresh brand.

Working with Gardner Design, our objectives with the new brand were clear:

1. Maturing the name

The Bunting name stood out as the focal point of our brand. Analyzing data, we recognized the need to shed the “Magnetics Co” and emphasize Bunting while extending beyond the confines of magnetics.

2. Simplifying the logo

While our previous logo served us well, it was time for a refined representation of our essence. The updated logo pays homage to the old by eliminating unnecessary details. The central white sphere now symbolizes the globe, while the swooshes’ angle represents true north alignment—a nod to our past. Moreover, these swooshes encircling the earth embody the magnetic field and signify our team as a force of innovation.

3. Updating the brand

Bunting’s focus is evolving from magnetic products to tailor-made solutions for specific industries. This strategic shift enables us to expand our horizons beyond current product offerings and industries. Our brand’s visual elements and voice will pivot towards being solution providers rather than solely emphasizing the product.

Ultimately, our goal in redefining our brand identity was twofold: to build upon the established equity of the Bunting brand and to pave the way for the future. It’s an exhilarating time for Bunting, and I commend them for embracing and enduring this new challenge. Moving forward, I aim not only to improve as a speaker in front of our company employees but also to acknowledge and applaud their courage in the journey ahead.