Brain Sinew

09 Dec 2020

Valley Rec is the hub for recreation and community engagement in the city Valley Center, Kansas. On the surface this organization uses recreational activities and sports to reach all ages of the community. The deeper passion is to provide life skills that guide and direct an individuals towards a healthy lifestyle.

Old Logo

The matured brand now reflects the true nature of the Valley Rec staff and board members and services provided. The new identity increases clarity of their brand message by simplifying their image. Finally, it creates a more professional look as they strive to become a leader and example in the community.


The four heads represent community members coming together.The extending limbs can be seen as active legs or arms.


The compass symbol represents a place that supports the right direction in teaching skills to help each individual on their journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Letter V

Each set of active arms or legs creates the letter V representing pride in their hometown.

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