Brain Sinew

13 Jun 2020
Renaire Palmer, Fundamental Fitness

Have you ever worked towards meeting a challenging goal?  Throughout the course of our lives, most of us will set out to meet objectives requiring significant time or energy commitments, and we start by learning the fundamentals.  While these fundamentals vary by activity, they are usually the foundational characteristics by which we build our success.  This definition is certainly true at Fundamental Fitness, where owner and certified trainer Renaire Palmer defines the fundamentals of physical fitness as strength, nutrition, and flexibility.  Renaire believes these fundamentals are key to ensuring his clients, who range across all ages and fitness levels, build healthy foundations to support their fitness goals.  

The logo for Fundamental Fitness reflects the three fundamental pillars adhered to by the fitness studio, while the simple geometric shapes create a simplified letter F.  These shapes convey strength, simplicity, and athleticism, while emphasizing the studio’s fundamental approach to fitness.  The stacked shapes also represent the importance of continuous building upon the company’s three fitness principles.

While the initial impression of the logo appears simplistic, the design also resembles an upside-down human figure, which illustrates the challenge of learning to be healthy and reaching personal fitness goals.

“My passion is helping people get better physically and mentally so they are able to have more confidence and accomplish the goals they set for themselves.”

-Renaire Palmer, Owner of Fundamental Fitness
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