Brain Sinew

06 Dec 2020

Matchstick Alliance is comprised of a group of expert professionals from various sectors of business. Each group in the alliance is focused on helping start-ups with legal, planning, technology, and marketing their product or service. All in one place.

A startup is like a matchstick. The entrepreneur’s idea is their matchstick. They’ve conceived it, nurtured it, tested it. Built prototypes and business models to prove it will work. Like a matchstick, it contains the necessary elements – the fuel, the starter, and the igniter. They stand there as a match prepared to ignite, to launch, but it is not until our alliance inserts itself into the picture providing the friction or conditions necessary to ignite that this match will ever actually light. A match standing at the ready will never light unless it strikes!


The star is symbolic of the dream of the entrepreneur and the excellence of service provided by the alliance. The star also provides the foundation to strike the match against. With the right atmosphere, the entrepreneur is able to ignite and shine.


The entrepreneur’s idea is their matchstick and they are the center of our focus. Guidance from each direction will help initiate the spark.


The match is not yet lit, yet the spark has begun. The alliance will provide the right tools to ultimately ignite into a flame.

Branding and design done for Gardner Design

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