Brain Sinew

08 Mar 2020

We all know that rebranding can bring a fresh new look to an organization. This new look can be very significant to the future of a company. However, I seldom think we realize the impact branding can have on the internal foundation, the employees.

Branding can often be the catalyst that brings a complex organization together, increase loyalty within the company, and have the power to instill a sense of greater purpose in the employee’s work.

I’ve had the chance to work with many companies through this process of rebranding where the recognizing internal challenges needed to be addressed directly in their brand:

Creating a greater whole.

Separate departments, stores, locations and divisions all create separation. Sales in one area can feel disconnected from engineering in another. The east facility feels independent from the west. While the US division is completely unaware of whats happening in the UK, and so on. A strong brand should build a sense of the greater whole.

When Bunting came to us there were 5 different brands under one ownership. Each brand acquired over time created similar products. As I toured their facilities in Newton, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, several employees were completely unaware of what was produced in other locations. Likewise, some were unaware that another division existed in the UK. Unaware of the greater whole, employees felt isolated and efforts were often duplicated. Bunting’s rebrand brought all companies under one name and logo to bring awareness of the whole and to unify efforts.

Increase loyalty.

Rebranding is the chance to increase employee loyalty to the company. In a world where traditional employee work structures are changing, loyalty to a single employer over an extended period of time is almost rare. Engage your employees along in this journey by creating a brand that recognizes their hard work, includes them in every step, and builds pride into their work.

The RedGuard rebrand brought about a new name and brand that properly reflected the hard work produced by their employees. A new look that employees were proud of and attracted new talent. The desire to bring everyone along on this journey was reinforced by the mantra, “We are RedGuard.”

Clarifying purpose.

What is your true purpose beyond the profit line? Employees want to work for brands that align with their values. At the same time, employees will want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. By forming this message and incorporating it into the brand, employees will have a clear idea of their purpose at the company.

With Trust Company of Kansas, we helped to recognize what they truly offered to people. We defined their many ways of fiduciary expertise in one clear and concise message: We Bestow Freedom. Their brand reflects his description in all of its visual touch points.

When employees are aware of the team they’re a part of (because you’ve showed them), and they’re proud of who they are (because you’ve told them), and they understand they’re purposeful objective (because you’ve clarified it), organizations have the ability to overcome internal challenges as they continue to grow. Branding can be the means of communicating that message.

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