Brain Sinew

28 Jun 2020

ShippaBox’s truth:

Making people’s lives better in Brazil—and in the US. ShippaBox provides an avenue for Brazilians to get everyday goods from the US without having to pay sky-high import taxes. They make things like shoes, school supplies, and phones accessible to Brazilians at a price in line with what Americans pay.



Trustworthy. Timely. Respectable. Simple. Safe. Vibrant. These are the attributes that we built into the ShippaBox brand. “ShippaBox” easily tumbles through the lips. Use of the familiar colors of the Brazilian flag forges trust and reflects the vibrancy of the company. The logo’s strong, structured, geometric box ensures the safety of the contents inside. The arrow pointing forward reinforces a sense urgency to deliver.


ShippaBox is simple and strong. They’re a company that delivers what you want, when you want it—safely. They know the value of your money, and you can count on them to get you the best deal available.

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