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Building brand confidence in the financial sector.

Having a strong and consistent brand is essential for building trust and authority in any field, but particularly in the competitive world of financial planning. To stand out from the competition and communicate its unique value proposition, CoreNorth turned to Brain Sinew for help with rebranding and website design. The goal was to clarify their message, update their visual identity, and improve the user experience on their website.


Establish a consistent brand image and messaging that tells the story of CoreNorth’s expertise and financial guidance across all marketing channels, including on their website and through advertising.


Position CoreNorth as a financial firm that specializes in aligning wealth and purpose for each of their clients. CoreNorth established a strong brand identity and differentiated from competitors in the financial planning market.


The new logo represents a compass that is oriented towards the North Star, representing guidance, reliability, and a clear path forward.

CoreNorth Name

The name reflects their focus on what’s important and the core guiding principles they live by everyday as they meet and interact with clients.

We discovered CoreNorth understood that financial planning can be complex and confusing for the average person. That’s why we developed the tagline expressing their commitment to help people align their wealth with their purpose.

Project Outcome

Brand focuses on guiding clients towards financial stability and security.

We helped clarify CoreNorth’s brand message to set realistic expectations for their clients. Because every financial situation is different, CoreNorth needed to ensure that their clients’ picture of success was based on each one’s circumstances in order to see its achievement.

Our north star guides clients towards financial security and we’re proud to have a clear, consistent message thanks to Brain Sinew.

– Seth Asher, Owner