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Redefining a long-standing love.

How do you take a product as common and traditional as pizza and give it a new flavor? By capitalizing not only on what sets it apart, but what sets it ahead. In the case of Sungrano Pizza, it is using open-fired cooking techniques, prioritizing takeout options, and committing to simple, fresh, high-quality ingredients.


Overcome the idea that take-out and wood fired pizza made with fresh, high-quality ingredients could not be synonymous.


Position Sungrano Pizza as a brand that’s more than just pizza. Sungrano is about bringing people together to celebrate shared community and giving back. Sungrano Pizza has become one of the Top 30 restaurants in Wichita.

Sungrano Pizza Logo
Sungrano Pizza Logo

Sungrano Name

Sun – The sun and its fiery rays represent their open-fire cooking method.

GranoThe Italian word for “grain.” Used to emphasize their focus on quality ingredients, the fundamental ingredient, of course, being the dough and a symbol of their Kansas roots.


The smiling Sungrano sun captures the essence of the brand. The sun itself corresponds with the “sun” in the new name. The sunrays are pizza slices, and the smile reflects the happiness that comes with sharing a delicious pizza with the people you love.

Sungrano recognizes that pizza is a food that has the power to bring people together. Whether it’s friends gathering at a house party, coworkers bonding over lunch, or families coming together for a casual dinner, Sungrano Pizza has a way of bringing people together around a shared passion for good food.

Project Outcome

Healthy brands have human sinews.

There may be other foods that have the ability to bring people together, but pizza is definitely a strong contender. And with its commitment to quality, authenticity, and convenience, Sungrano Pizza is well-positioned to be a go-to choice for gatherings and relationship-building occasions.

This brand is able to take something as common and traditional as pizza, and give it a new flavor by focusing on what set Sungrano Pizza apart from the competition. We created a brand that stands out and offers a truly special and memorable pizza-eating experience.

– Justin Neel, Owner