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Establishing brand luxury and wellness for a mobile med spa.

Lume Aura is a new luxury brand that offers personalized intravenous wellness treatments in the comfort of the client’s home. By providing alternative healthcare options, they seek to empower people to take control of their own health and appearance. As a new business start-up, they approached Brain Sinew to help establish their brand in a memorable way.


To create a brand that would attract their well-defined target consumer and empower them to pursue health and healing on their own terms.


We developed a brand identity that embodies achieving better health and self advocacy for all of their clients.

Lume Aura Name

LumeThis term refers to bright, shining, radiant; all feelings this brand wanted to evoke in its customers.

AuraThis subtle nod to the luminous energy field emitted by the body that reflects the state of one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is the foundation of the brand identity.


The aura-inspired luminous energy burst logo symbolizes new beginnings and self empowerment in health and wellness.

Brand health built on solid branding principles.

To create a robust brand identity, we cast a big picture vision for Lume Aura’s innovative service: establish itself as a purveyor of wellness and youthfulness. Starting with customized nomenclature, we created a brand that communicated Lume Aura’s “look good and feel good” mentality. Even with an emphasis on drip infusion therapy, Lume Aura’s new identity offers the opportunity to grow to support a wider range of future treatments, including options for immunity support, anti-aging, athletic recovery, and more.

As customers get to know the brand, its products and services, they build a meaningful relationship with not only the employees who provide the service, but with the brand itself. Lume Aura reflects who clients want to become — healthier, brighter versions of themselves. Through drip infusion treatments, faster absorption of vitamins and supplements means more potent results that allows Lume Aura clients to achieve their desired health and appearance goals faster and more effectively than traditional methods.

Project Outcome

Healthy differentiators that boost brand awareness.

By clearly defining their audience and highlighting key differentiators, Lume Aura was able to increase awareness of their new brand in their target market. The brand concentrates on individuals who are familiar with or interested in cosmetic treatments such as Botox and laser body sculpting, and provides its services in an environment that is most comfortable for the client. Unlike over-the-counter supplements, Lume Aura’s drip infusion treatments are a high-quality, luxury option for individuals looking for an extra boost to their health and appearance.

The brand has given our business a solid direction, a dialed-in sense of purpose, and a powerful message to inspire our customers to take charge of their own well-being.

 – Rebecca Hertzel, Owner