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Making simply good burgers stand out.

Wheatly’s Burgers is a brand that celebrates the simplicity and goodness of a classic burger. Inspired by the hearty, down-to-earth flavors of the Midwest, Wheatly’s sources only the finest ingredients for their burgers, including certified angus beef and hormone-free chicken.


Wheatly’s needed to establish a clear brand identity and differentiate themselves from other fast food chains.


Develop a new brand strategy hyper-focused on the simplicity and goodness of a classic burger, using top-quality ingredients sourced from the Midwest. Wheatly’s established a strong, cohesive brand identity that resonated with customers looking for a delicious, satisfying meal that didn’t sacrifice on quality.

Wheatly's Name

The brand name pays homage to the fictional founder, Mr. Wheatly, and his Midwestern roots and values. The word ‘wheat’ represents the heartland and the simple, honest principles that they stand for.


The logo, featuring wheat stalks forming the shape of a burger, reflects the Midwest values that are at the heart of our brand. Wheatly’s use fresh and wholesome ingredients to create delicious, satisfying meals that truly embody the spirit of the heartland.

Wheatly’s isn’t just about the burgers – it’s about the whole backyard BBQ experience. With a focus on fast, to-go service, Wheatly’s makes it easy to enjoy a gourmet burger on the run. We designed distinct packaging and signage that reminded customers of Wheatly’s ever-improving standard to meet their expectations.

Project Outcome

Branding that expands experiences.

The new brand has given the company a clear vision and direction moving forward. By focusing on the simplicity and goodness of a classic burger, and using top-quality ingredients sourced from the Midwest, Wheatly’s has established a clear-cut difference between themselves and other fast food chains.

Brain Sinew’s work on the brand has been nothing short of extraordinary. We know that the Wheatly’s will continue to thrive thanks to his efforts.

– Justin Neel, Owner