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Position your brand to lead your industry.

It’s bold to pull back the focus on a product in order to forge a position as an integral brand recognized for thought-leading in the industry. But it was the NEXT step to take.


Draw back the curtain to show how NEXT is not only a leading producer of LED signage, but a company that is human-focused and thought-leading.


Differentiate NEXT as a strategic branding partner to their customers in capturing attention with digital displays and helping them extend their reach and profits. Extending their business offerings and support for their dealers and customers, NEXT was able to overcome their static position as just a sign dealer.

In order to broaden their perception within the digital signage industry, we simplified NextLED’s name to NEXT and updated their primary logo and product logos. By shifting the focus to the company as a whole and their trade-marked products, NEXT expanded their opportunities to gain new customers through marketing their expertise.

The new logo was designed to reflect not only the product, but also the impact of well-placed signage and strategic messaging.

Based on market research of the end-user audience’s content consumption, we developed a mission and vision that reflected NEXT’s shift towards supporting content creation for their dealers and customers. The new tagline and messaging positions NEXT as thought leaders in the industry, focusing on their independent insights and innovative approach.

Project Outcome

A brand to brighten the human experience.

To take NEXT into the future, they needed to reposition their brand as not only experts in the sign industry, but also as cutting-edge creators. We highlighted their partnership with Project Content, an easy-to-use content creation platform, that would help their customers create custom content that increased viewer engagement.

We also saw an opportunity for NEXT to capitalize on industry-wide supply chain issues. We developed a customized social media campaign to build awareness of NEXT’s ability to meet supply demands in a timely manner, beating out their competitors in the market.

In order to truly bring our new identity to life, we knew we needed to showcase our skills and knowledge through fresh, engaging content on our website and social media channels. We wanted to not only inform our audience, but also inspire and engage them with the work we do and the innovative solutions we offer.

– Luke Luttrell, Owner