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More than a brand. It’s your connection to humans.

Building community around a new social experience connects Social Tap Drinkery directly to its customers in an unpretentious and inviting way.


Create an authentic atmosphere where people can feel comfortable being together with no rush, no distractions.


Make Social Tap Drinkery a place for people to get into the flow of life through conversation, camaraderie, and conviviality. Social Tap Drinkery established a strong grassroots customer base, largely on the campus of WSU, serving up a hearty welcome with a side of kindness.

Social Tap Name

The name describes the goal — to create a friendly and social environment where customers can enjoy the manifold selection of beers on tap.


The logo shows two people coming together over a drink, emphasizing Social Tap’s vision as the place people go to share good times and conversations over a pint.

Coming together over a drink is a universal language that brings people of all backgrounds and experiences together. The message to convey was obvious: whether you’re a seasoned regular or a newcomer to the establishment, everyone is welcome to tap into the flow and community that celebrates simple pleasures and great beer. We used pithy phrases and plain language to clearly communicate the point.

At Social Tap Drinkery, we believe that coming together over a drink is a universal language that can bring people of all backgrounds and experiences together.

– David Hopkins, Partner

Project Outcome

Making space for human connection.

As Social Tap Drinkery aims to bring people together and create a sense of community through a social experience centered around the enjoyment of craft beer, our branding efforts needed to reflect the priority of human connection. Our minimalistic designs included plenty of open visual space reserved for the creativity that sparks from human interaction, be that brainstorming on the back of a napkin or fostering a lively discussion amongst friends.

Social Tap Drinkery’s brand identity perfectly encapsulate the environment we offer to those seeking a welcoming and inclusive space to connect with others.

– Zach Grazer, General Manager