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Redefining elegance. Welcoming a new era.

Ferguson-Phillips, a Wichita, Kansas-based interior design and home furnishings store, has thrived for over 20 years under Jeff and Brenda Cody’s guidance. They offer expert interior design and timeless decor sourced globally. Looking ahead, F+P aims to welcome a new generation of customers in Wichita and expand their presence online. To achieve this, we’re revamping their brand, clarifying their message, and reintroducing themselves to the community and untapped markets.


Ferguson Phillips faces misconceptions about its pricing and the value it offers. Local awareness is lacking, and some perceive the brand as elitist or too high-end. Their traditional customer base is shrinking, necessitating a fresh approach to appeal to the younger audience.


The solution lies in emphasizing the value of quality products, dispelling misperceptions about the brand’s exclusivity, and reshaping local perceptions. Through a much-needed brand update, F+P aims to attract a new wave of customers, especially the younger generation.

Old Logo

Although the old logo endured well over time, concerns arose about its adaptability to modern technology and its ability to resonate with the next generation of clients, which was our primary goal.

New Logo

The new logo retains the essence of the original design. It features the thistle, symbolizing both beauty and resilience. This symbolic concept mirrors the ownership’s characteristics: an allure on the surface, yet with a subtle warning—approach cautiously, as they possess sharpness beneath the surface!

Project Outcome

Brand brings modern identity reflecting elegance in design.

The new brand embodies a commitment to surpassing traditional design norms, placing emphasis on individuality, and nurturing a tranquil living space that aligns with each customer’s distinct identity. The revitalized brand identity not only clarifies F+P’s message but also provides a consistent and distinguishing voice previously absent. The updated logo and brand design system offer a fresh perspective, mirroring the modern elegance of the products.

Since 2001, Brenda and I have pursued our passion for home decor, transitioning from our jobs to create something unique. While adept at designing beautiful interiors, venturing into Ferguson Phillips, we lacked expertise in branding and client relations. Brian Sinew played a pivotal role in refining our approach, and the transformation is evident.

– Jeff Cody, Owner