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Revitalizing a Stale Landscape

Through a complete brand overhaul including logo refinement, verbal and visual identity, Syndeo’s essence found new expression. Shunning the industry’s clichéd corporate language and mundane visuals, this rebrand embodies Syndeo’s authentic narrative. The result? A vibrant, fresh approach that stands tall amidst a sea of uniformity, setting Syndeo apart and amplifying their unique voice in the industry.

Old Logo

The old logo has stood the test of time, maintaining a modern and functional appeal. Its symbolic representation still aligns with their customer-centric focus and hands-on approach to HR while incorporating the business name ‘Syndeo’ which signifies connection.

New Logo

The new logo emphasizes cleaner lines and maximizes negative space, enhancing scalability, especially on mobile devices. The streamlined design reflects a more contemporary aesthetic, for a refreshed look.

Project Outcome

A Rebrand Rooted in Client Devotion and Uniqueness

This rebrand signifies more than just a visual transformation for Syndeo; it represents a renewed dedication to their clientele. With a revitalized brand strategy and distinct visual identity, Syndeo has fortified its promise to support their clients. This evolution not only distinguishes Syndeo from the industry norm but also serves as a testament to their commitment to delivering unparalleled service while embracing their unique voice. Through this bold step forward, Syndeo stands poised to chart a dynamic course in their sector.


Breaking free from industry clichés while refreshing their brand and standing out among competitors across online platforms and regional markets.


We positioned Syndeo as a premier, modern, and boutique HR outsourcing company, adopting a hands-on approach to comprehensively understand and address their clients’ pain points.

“Brian Sinew has breathed life into Syndeo, infusing our brand with a refreshing authenticity that resonates deeply with our clients. This transformation isn’t just a visual upgrade; it’s a testament to our commitment to understanding and addressing our clients’ needs. Sinew’s work has given us a voice that speaks volumes, a visual identity that stands out, and a renewed passion to redefine what it means to truly support and empower our clientele.”

– Kate Rhea, Syndeo Leadership Team