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Advanced branding for thermal insulation.

Advanced Blankets specializes in providing heavy-duty insulation solutions for industrial plants, commercial facilities, and other high-temperature piping applications. The company’s specialized blankets are designed to maintain thermal levels, reduce noise, and protect human personnel. They are a simple yet integral part of the overall thermal insulation equation, the clear message that the brand needed to convey.


Create a brand identity that encompasses and conveys competence and professionalism, high-quality, and the technological advancement of their products.


Establish Advanced Blankets as the go-to, simple solution for thermal insulation, making it easy to increase efficiency and safety at the same time.

The Advanced Blanket’s new identity is a visual conglomeration of the “A” from the name, a star representing their 5-star quality products, and a two-dimensional characterization of a blanket curving around a pipe. We combined these pillars of the brand’s identity into a visual that will serve as a recognizable image for facility maintenance staff looking for options in increasing thermal insulation and efficiency.

Project Outcome

Trusted authority backed by expertise, experience, and quality.

The branding strategy for Advanced Blankets focuses on building confidence in the company’s new customers through its reputation and history of more than 30 years of experience. Through highlighting the company’s experience, expertise, and the quality of its products, Advanced Blankets conveys its position as a trusted authority within the industry.

By making purchasing easier through a customized e-commerce website, our subtle branding strategy uses convenience and speedy delivery to increasingly differentiate Advanced Blankets from its competitors. Featuring the quick return on investment and the ease and simplicity of increasing personnel protection allows customers to determine straight away that Advanced Blankets is the right choice for them.

“The new brand identity for serves as a beacon of the company’s commitment to transition into the future of ecommerce, fueling growth and success as we strive towards expanding our reach and increasing sales locally. It’s a symbol of innovation and excellence, guiding the company towards a brighter future in the world of thermal insulation solutions.”

– Ben Pfister, Owner